By Mark Gromen

Day 2 -Philadelphia

The Trocadero is the antithesis of the night before, plenty of room onstage, was well as for the fans. The enormous old theater also allows everyone to fly a backdrop, most notably Iced Earth, with various Travis Smith works of art. Since the club doesn't open until 2 PM, there's no rush to get there. A mere 90 minute drive, the bands awake to a leisurely day. Located in the heart of Chinatown, the venue is surrounded by a bustle of sights, sounds and smells. Load-in is all the more difficult down the narrow Colonial streets and parking a bus, on a busy Saturday afternoon, proves a less than enviable task. A parking ordinance, which forbids running the generator, and therefore supplying the bus with electricity, prevents me from hearing the new, as yet unfinished, In Flames disc. A listening party, of sorts, was held in NYC, but Anders contends it's a little difficult to get the complete idea, as keyboards and tape loops have yet to be recorded, as are his vocals, on four tracks.

With time to kill, the guys grab an early dinner. The club provides its guests with a choice of four local eateries from which to choose. With Harry Conklin helping to secure the backdrops, his Panzer guitarist, Mark Briody deals with financial matters, as he has the most at stake. Briody took a loan against his house to pay for the production of the DVD. Needless to say, his wife is a little leery. Arrangements with merchandise over, time for a short interview with BWBK. Chris Broderick, on the other hand, takes time for his daily run and weight training session. Later, the effects of the routine are clearly evident, as his stagewear is a white muscle shirt.

The late night before is showing on some of the Swedes, who take cat naps between load-in and when the doors open. Anders and Jesper Stromblad stop at the sushi bar. While the singer is a longtime fan of the Japanese fare, the guitarist is a new convert, and the only other bandmate who will partake. A few pieces of shrimp and salmon, washed down with a couple of Sapporos and the guys are ready for their show. The sushi chef even creates a few of his own specialties, not on the menu, for the epicureans to taste. Seated at one of the tables is Matt Barlow, with his parents, who drove up from Delaware. Alongside the vocalist is Jon Schaffer, whose sister is married to Barlow. The entourage visited the Liberty Bell earlier in the day and will hang around for the show.