By Mark Gromen

The Jags certainly have more room to work with and as such, move around the stage. By dress alone, Chris Broderick is spotlighted, the amazing guitarist decked in sleeveless shirt and khaki pants. 'Black' and 'Iron Eagle' win new converts, many hearing the band for the first time. In Flames enter to the now infamous Austin Powers theme and immediately launch the crowd into a frenzy. People breach the barricade for the first time, as photographers take cover. Seemingly endless bundles of energy interact for 45 minutes, both onstage and in the audience. 'Gyroscope' and 'Ordinary Story' sees the crowd sing-along. The backdrop, which is reproduced on some of their concert shirts, is done in the Star Wars lettering. It's the third time they've played Philly and the response grows after each. Should the fall tour with Slayer become a reality, In Flames will certainly reach the upper levels of metaldom, in North America.

Iced Earth hit on all cylinders, visually and sonically. The changing backdrops add a touch not typically witnessed at a club show, yet don't become a distraction from the music. There are no deletions from the program tonight, as all nineteen songs posted at the website are aired. After the show, not much time to loaf, as the next stop is Montreal, a long, overnight drive.

It's been a great while since a tour of this magnitude has played on these shores. Shows are selling out in advance, so don't miss the opportunity to see something special when it stops near you.