ACCEPT - "The Fire Is Still There"
by Martin Popoff

"My head is spinning and it was loud, which is a good sign I guess!" chirps legendary ACCEPT guitarist WOLF HOFFMAN on the band's long-awaited new album, Blood Of The Nations, a full-on reunion save for the adoption of a new vocalist in Mark Tornillo. "We played for like three hours straight and it's sounding killer."

A new future for the Teutonic terrors, but also, look for links to the past. "Oh man, lots man, lots of old elements," agrees Wolf. "We've got the massive backing vocals, classic guitar lines, we've got the big choruses, typical Accept riffs. That's always been one of our trademarks. I think when you hear a lot of those songs, you know it's classic Accept."

Is there a particular back catalogue album that Blood Of The Nations particularly invokes? "Not really, although maybe the spirit of Restless & Wild and Breaker. We tried to kind of go back in time, put us back in those days, in a way. But of course now, with new elements, and we're all 30 years older, so it's not going to be exactly like that. But we tried to capture that spirit we had back then, a sort of carelessness, you know, don't give a damn, just make music you like and don't try to fit a formula. No radio songs in that sense, none of that stuff. It's what we like, pretty much."

"I think we're all just about the same," says Wolf in closing, asked what he's noticed differently about the likes of Peter Baltes, Herman Frank and Stefan Schwarzmann. Maybe better than back then, I guess, because we've been involved in playing so much longer now. Still, I don't think anybody has really dramatically changed. I think we still love the same stuff we did back then. We love getting together and making metal music so I think the fire is still there, in that sense. You always think that people change. Really?! Most people don't change. Whatever you didn't like about somebody back then, chances are it's still there, or what you did like, it's still there too. So it's all good."