AC/DC - Cliff 'n' Brian Rock The Ox!
by Martin Popoff

The John Entwistle Foundation is a charitable organization formed by Steve Luongo, drummer in the legendary Who bassist's solo band for well on 15 years, before Entwistle's death on June 27, 2002. Having put together benefit concerts for hurricane relief, his latest mission to help provide music education and instruments to be accessed through the library system, primarily in lower income areas.

Currently, there are two high profile streams to raise funds for this worthy venture, one being the "Classic Rock Cares" concert series with some heavy duty names behind it, namely Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple), Mark Farner (Grand Funk) and both Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams, singer and bassist, respectively, for a little pop combo known as AC/DC. Secondly, in conjunction with the shows, there are meet 'n' greets (with choice seats for the shows) being auctioned off through eBay. See to get started on the bidding process, and for general info on the upcoming shows.

"I was out here in southwest Florida, and I'm sure you've heard, we've had some storms that were pretty bad here for a couple of years running," begins Cliff Williams, Florida resident, with respect to getting on board. "And there were some charity events that were put on, that Brian and I got involved with. That's really the introduction to this particular group, the John Entwistle Foundation. Steve Luongo, so who was John's drummer for 15 years, he heads up the foundation and he put the show together. And that's how we got to meet Steve as well."

And the main thrust of this charity is placing instruments into the libraries?

"Yes, that's right, just like you would take a book out of the library, the idea was to have the music angle on that, where you could go use some instruments, or musicians give their time to go give lessons and so on - that's the general idea. Steve is doing that; he heads up the foundation. And it's really quite small at the moment. They've got their main one in Atlanta, and they are looking to do more. Basically, they have to amass some money to be able to do that, as part of the whole push."

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