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by Martin Popoff

"I got the opportunity to hang out with Joe Lynn Turner a little while, and he's a lot of fun, good guy," says Cliff, with respect to the upcoming shows, only a handful really, through late June and July. "Mark Farner, although we played a show together, it was one of the original shows; I didn't get an opportunity to meet him, but I will in this next bit. In terms of songs, it will probably be something like 'Back In Black', 'Shook Me', 'Highway To Hell', that kind of stuff. We're still working in Florida right now rehearsing this week, so it's taking shape as we go day to day."

If you haven't heard it already, head to the site right now to experience an absolutely fantastic new song featuring Cliff, Brian, Steve and guitarist Mark Hit. It's called 'Chain Gang On The Road', and man, it's basically a top-shelf AC/DC classic, although of course it's... er, not. They'll be playing it live, and it's sure to be a highlight of the set (notwithstanding the planned all-in encore of 'Highway To Hell' of course).

Turns out, says Williams, the plan is to have more of these rockin' originals ready for the gig. "There are tracks that we're kicking around, again, here in rehearsal, and we are fine-tuning those and finishing them up. And Brian is finishing up some lyrics and so on. So that will be the other material we're doing."

Would you actually put out an album?

"At this point, this is just for fun. All we're trying to do here is to have a bit of fun, play music, and keep the chops up, as they say (laughs), so the rust doesn't grow too thickly. We're going to enjoy this charity event and get out and play. We've got four or five more songs that we're trying to wrap up for this tour. At least five. If we can get them all out, great. But an album? I haven't even thought about that, really. We've not even really gotten into the prospect of that. I hate to be vague, but at this point we're enjoying what we're doing and having a bit of fun, but that's about it."

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