The Almighty
courtesy Sanctuary Music

Love them or hate them, they're back! The Almighty have been rejuvinated and are set to reintroduce the world to their sound with their new album on Sanctuary/Never Records, simply entitled 'The Almighty'! Vocalist/Guitarist Ricky Warwick is available weekly (Tuesdays thru Thursdays) to discuss the resurrection of the band and their goals to rise above the heap of Rock mediocrity that plagues the world!
The Almighty
(Sanctuary/Never Records)

"This is a band for anybody who likes a party, anybody who sits in their bedroom at three in the morning with the stereo on 11." - Ricky Warwick (The Almighty,1989)

"I've always wanted to be in the kind of band I'd want to see myself and right now there's not a lot out there that's exciting me. The Almighty's better than ever, we're harder than ever, more in-your-face than ever...and better looking than ever..." Ricky Warwick (The Almighty, 2000)

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back the all loud, the all wild, the All-f**kin'-Mighty. Four years on from their final show at London's Shepherds Bush Empire the greatest British metal band of their generation are back in the ring. Why? "Simply because we missed it," states vocalist/guitarist Ricky Warwick with characteristic bluntness and honesty. "To me it felt unfinished."

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