ANGEL CITY - Shadows Fall, Sun Rises... Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Indeed, how DID The Angels grow out of that sort of background? It seems like quite a leap from classical piano to 'Marseilles' and 'Take A Long Line' and 'Face The Day'...

"Well there are a lot of reasons, and it's sort of a bit hard to analyze. The first time Rick and I started playing in a band, it was a jug band, called Moonshine Jug & String Band, and Rick went from playing the classical piano to a jug board (laughs). What a transition. But we were doing a lot of the American music from the 1920s, and it was kind of Jug Stompers, the Memphis Jug Band, all that kind of stuff. And it was just a hell of a lot of fun. It became actually quite a successful band, but only in our hometown of Adelaide. And then we started doing rock festivals, and we had all, of course, grew up with rock 'n' roll. I saw the Beatles play in Adelaide in 1964, the Stones, I saw Bob Dylan in 1966. So we were very switched on to modern music of the day, and loved rock. And I wrote a song called 'Keep Me On The Move' (?), which became a hit, again, only in Adelaide, our hometown, but it was a big hit. I always joke that I think my mother bought most of the records. But anyway, we wrote that song, had a hit with that, and it was a rock song. We were trying to be a jug band, but would really... we were writing rock 'n' roll. So we decided to learn how to be a rock band, and that's how The Angel started."

Pan forward an eternity and we'd be remiss if we didn't ask: why did Doc leave the band?

"Doc... we did a tour in 1999, a major tour, did great business. And Doc decided in 2000 that he wasn't going to keep on playing. You know, he had some problems with his health, some of which I can't really go into."

Was there a car accident involved?

"Well, that's the story (laughs). I'm not going to comment on that either. Ha! You know, the road can take its toll, being a band, and some people have problems and other get through it OK. Unfortunately, Doc had problems."

And so we have two bands now - the Brewster Brothers and Angel City as a four-piece. I wondered, given that both Rick and John are guitar players - and brothers as well - how do they complement and contrast each other?

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