ANGRA Interview Page 2
from BW&BK

Anything but a hired gun, it turns out that Falaschi also made a considerable musical contribution to Rebirth in lieu of writing lyrics.

"The lyrics were all written by Rafael, many of them before I joined the band," says Falaschi. "But, I wrote all of the instrumental parts of 'Nova Era' with Kiko, 'Heroes Of Sand', 'Judgement Day', also with Kiko, and a song called 'Surrender' that isn't on the album. In my last band, Symbols, I was the main composer, so I have lots of experience in songwriting. That was one of the other reasons I was chosen to be a part of Angra."

Looking at Angra's back catalogue, Falaschi doesn't foresee any major problems in remaining true to the songs as laid down by Matos when it comes to performing live.

"The songs will be a little bit different, I think, but I'm practicing a lot with them," Falaschi admits. "I have a responsibility to sing them as close to the original way as possible. Some songs, like 'Carry On', are quite high, and they are quite difficult because Andre sings them with falsetto - head voice - and I use my diaphragm, or real voice. I think the old songs will be a little bit more powerful now, but the essence of Angra will be totally intact."