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"It was probably the best time we've ever had recording," Angus says about the Western Canada stint that took about three months from start to finish. "It was a lot of fun, a lot of laughs. Malcolm, myself, George, Brian, Cliff and Phil, you know, we all like to have a laugh. We're always on the lookout for a good studio. Mike Fraser has worked with us on a number of albums and he had sent up some literature to our offices that got passed on to us. So Malcolm, myself, and George went to check out the studio. We went in and we felt that we could get the AC/DC sound in there. It had a good rock and roll sound and that's what we were looking for and it was just from that point we said 'OK, right, we know what it all sounds like' and then we booked it for three months and in we went."

"I think something good is worth spending the time on," he says about the long process. "We're probably lucky that we've had all this time. I think over the years when you do that much touring, that much recording, and everything else that comes into the rock and roll life, at this moment it gets a little bit easier."

"And this time we felt we wouldn't commit to anything else. Normally if you're recording and stuff, there's all these other commitments, like touring and everything that goes along with touring, videos, etc., and we just put a hold on everything and just said we'll get this album done and when we're happy and satisfied that we've got a good album then we'll release it and take the next step after that. Once you peg yourself into a tour, then you're shooting for time lines." Although rumours run rampant about AC/DC co-headlining Ozzfest or festivals in London, Germany, France or their Australian home base, which all have been uttered in one form or another, Angus says that the band "haven't penciled in any touring dates as of yet. We'll definitely tour at some point but we haven't made the hard sort of choices, where to start, and in what countries."

And when AC/DC decide when and where to salute rockers around the world, they'll be carrying 12 blues-drenched tales of juvenile exploits and tomfoolery. Blues being the key word, young Angus' axelife from the get-go nurtured along by the masters of the Mississippi Delta and rock legends like Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis.

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