ANIMETAL USA's RUDY SARZO - "Is Speed Metal A Characteristic Of Me?" Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Did ya get that? The album we are getting shortly through the venerable Century Media imprint includes material from the debut Japanese phenom, plus the second album that is being readied for Japanese release as we speak.

"The original intent of Animetal USA... not only was it because it's based on the Animetal version, that existed in Japan, but this version is leaning more towards a global appeal," explains Sarzo, providing a glimpse at the delicate positioning of things, necessary when one gets into this fecund, creative multi-media world. "Since right now, anime is popular around the world... case in point, we just performed at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles two weekends ago, and they had about 75,000 people there and it was just an incredibly successful event. And there's more anime expos around the world. But basically the core of the reason why we got together - Mike Vescera, Chris Impelliterri, myself, originally it was Scott Travis , and now our current drummer is John Dette - you know, I've been playing and touring in Japan, personally, for the last 30 years, and everybody else as well since they started with their own bands. And we've been supported by the Japanese audience for 30 years, again, in my case."

Sarzo continues: "And I was so blessed, if I played there either with Ozzy or Quiet Riot or Whitesnake or Dio, I just went in there, did my metal thing and then I just left. Whereas being part of an anime-centric band gives us an opportunity to embrace the Japanese culture, and say thank you to the Japanese fans for all the support. So this is completely different. You know, now with Animetal USA, we are part of Japanese pop culture. For example, we do their television shows, like their version of the David Letterman show, Good Morning America and so on. We are part of the Japanese culture in a way that I've never been involved with previously."

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