ANIMETAL USA's RUDY SARZO - "Is Speed Metal A Characteristic Of Me?" Page 3
by Martin Popoff

So besides shredding melodically and brightly like Stratovarius making a Freedom Call on Helloween, what else do Metal-Rider, Speed King, Storm Bringer and Tank do?

"Well, they're developing some stuff now, that's going to be turned into an animated series. So yes, not only are we musicians, but we're also characters, superheroes basically, which is one of the reasons why we work with the outfits and the makeup. Because it's not just us individually; we are playing a part - we personify these certain characters."

And while one is headbanging nimbly to songs like "Thesis Of Cruel Angel," "Pegasus Fantasy" and "The Spaceship Yamato," another layer of pastime consists of spotting the quoted classic metal riffs...

"First of all, you always have to clear it with the record company of the particular publishers, that represent the artist and band and management and so on," explains Sarzo on bringing this idea into it. "So that has pretty much been the request of the record company, because traditionally that was one thing that was started by the original Animetal band. You know, originally our first album was exclusively for the Japanese market. Now that the band is picking up and we're appealing more to the global market, we're going to become less Japanese-centric and more about global appeal, in terms of the decisions in our records. So we're probably going to start minimizing using iconic riffs included in our recordings."

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