ANIMETAL USA's RUDY SARZO - "Is Speed Metal A Characteristic Of Me?" Page 4
by Martin Popoff

So this is Rudy's focus now for the foreseeable future. No more BOC, and obviously his last major role before that, as part of the great Ronnie James Dio band, can be played no more. Still, Sarzo reflects on the richness of those days, working with the metal icon. "Ronnie was one of those guys that leads by example. I mean, we've all been doing this for a long time, so you are either getting get it or not, you know? And when you're working with somebody like Ronnie James Dio, there's so much to learn from him. I was just in awe of his performance, just the way that he communicated with the audience, and communicated with all of us. On stage, just to hear him sing and watch him become one of the characters from his songs, right there in front of my eyes, it was magical. It was a magical experience working with Ronnie James Dio. And so many people really love him. I think he's the most beloved, truly loved... not in his celebrity status, but in a heartfelt status, you know what I mean? I've played with some really super, super well-known people from a celebrity standpoint, but the thing with Ronnie, it was more that it was heartfelt."

Look for Animetal USA to become more menacing as the beast is released to fend for itself in the wild... Reiterates Rudy, "The one that's being released through Century Media, the Special Edition, is a compilation of the first and the second album. That's the difference. It's leaning more towards the first album than the second record. But the second one is heavier, it's darker, it's more metal." And the records in totality are not exactly concept albums. "No, not in the sense of like storytelling. You see, what happens here, each song tells a story that is connected with the anime, as a theme. So on the new one, we picked heavier anime scenes to be included. The storylines are heavier, so the music is way darker - absolutely."