ANTHRAX - Worth Its Weight?
By Martin Popoff

Out soon touring with Motorhead are New York's original Big Four anchors. Anthrax comes armed and ready with a new album called We've Come For You All, a return to large riffs and rhythms after the experimental Volume 8. Hugely delayed while the band sorted out their label mess (of note, the album was released early overseas, on Nuclear Blast), We've Come For You All contains a myriad of traditional metal proposals, the vocals of John Bush pushing the band into a realm of distinction reserved for metal icons.

Scott Ian, when asked about the adjustments this time around, sez it's all in a day's work. "I don't know; you tell me (laughs). None. You know, we did things exactly the same way. It's just a different period in our lives and we wrote different songs. That's the only difference. Otherwise, we pretty much worked the same way. We got together, started jamming. It's been however many years since we wrote Volume 8 - you know, it's years of different experiences and different living... and different producers. That would be, I guess, maybe the biggest difference. This one was produced by Scrap 60. Rob came to us and asked us if they can get a shot at the record and we went into the studio and did a demo of Super Hero and it came out so great, we said yes. In terms of other work, Rob just mixed the new Cradle Of Filth record. But the end result just sounded great. It sounded like we imagined it should sound."

"We just took our usual time," continues Scott, from his home in L.A. (Hey, guess what? Charlie is moving to Chicago.). "We had no deadline. For us it was a case of, when it was done, it was done. There was a lot of tinkering with the songs and making sure we were happy with everything, because we didn't have a deadline. There was no reason to rush anything."

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