ANTHRAX - Worth Its Weight? Page 3
By Martin Popoff

"You're not going to be able to stop me. You know, you cannot kill what doesn't die. And that was based on my love for horror movies and zombies and vampires. But you can use it as a metaphor, maybe, for the band's career. And then out of that, it turned into this whole other thing about the evils of the Catholic Church overlooking and letting go what so many priests have been doing for so many hundreds of years, whether it's murder or raping little boys. Then it took this whole other turn. So it was strange how a lot of it worked this time around. It seems like I would open up one door and start writing about something and then it would open up five more doors for me. So some of the songs have this strange sort of stream of consciousness running through them. And it was actually really enjoyable for me to work that way, because I can even look at the lyrics now and sometimes it takes me some time to realize what the hell I was talking about. I look back at them and I go, 'What the... what was I thinking!?' (laughs)."

Finally, I asked Scott about the strangely appealing title for the record, We've Come For You All.

"It came from Charlie. We were emailing back and forth 200 different really bad album title ideas. We had nothing, truthfully. Nothing was sticking. And at some point he emailed me that one and it was like the first one after a couple of days of these emails where I didn't just hit delete. So I knew there was something; this mean something to me. So I sat with it for a day or two and then wrote him back and said, 'You know, I think that's really cool. I don't know where it came from, but for me, the idea I got from it, was that, okay, we are Anthrax and this is the new record, and for 55 minutes, you can shut out the rest of the world and just enjoy yourself, and be entertained, and be taken away from whatever is going on around you during your day, the responsibilities you may or may not have. And I kind of liked the idea of that."

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