ANTIQUUS - An Exotic Realm Of Rarified Power Speaks Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"We are working on Europe right now," says Trevor, looking ahead to bringing the Eleutheria concept to the live stage, "and the United States, but nothing confirmed yet so stay tuned! But yes, we are getting in touch with a few agencies to secure a European tour this summer."

"Of course, we are always looking for opportunities, here in Canada or abroad," adds Andrew. "If there's an agency out there that is interested in what we do, or a band who'd like to take us on as an opener - we'd love to hear from them...

In closing, I asked Trevor about some of the more memorable stories from the brief road thus far... "My god, there's so many... we've had venues catch on fire, hotel rooms get trashed, random groupies go crazy... We've played to empty bars with people throwing bottles at us, and we've also played sold-out shows where everyone is singing all of the words to our songs. I can't say there's one that really sticks out, because every gig is a new experience."

Warns Andrew, "If you are hitting the road in Canada, leave your liver behind - you aren't going to need it. Especially in Alberta!"