Anvil - Plenty Of Pounding
by Martin Popoff

Canada's speed kings forever are finished pre-production on what will be their tenth studio album. Entitled Plenty Of Power, the album follows the band's well-received Speed Of Sound record, which the band toured earlier this year in Europe alongside Agent Steel and Riot.

Before the band's (roughly) annual gig in hometown Toronto, HardRadio caught up with the metal legends for a little update. Bassist Glenn Five gave this characterization of the next record. "It's about the same but it's progressing from that one. It's very unique. It's going to be amazing. If the production is as good as Speed Of Sound, it's going to be great. We're going to work with Pierre Remillard again. We've got 13 songs done, but I don't know if they're all going to make the North American version."

Lips seconds the motion. "Yes, definitely. If anything, we've looked into our metal pages from the past as far as stuff that has really gotten us off as far as bass guitar playing goes, and we've left feels and spaces in the songs for the bass to really stand out. As we've been going, we've been utilizing the bass much more in our music, because in the past we really didn't have the kind of bass player to pull it off. It's wonderful to have that."

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