Anvil - Plenty Of Pounding Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Lips speaks on a few specifics. "We've got one called Pro Wrestling which is pretty neat. The reason we went for a sports theme is that the music in a certain sense gave us the same feelings that we got with Blood On The Ice, which was a hockey song. So it sounded within that ilk, very very Anvil-esque, with certain time signatures that only Anvil could pull off (laughs). We have a song that we named Real Metal because we had a tour manager in Europe one day who got really pissed off at one of the head stage hands, because we'd gone a couple minutes over. And this guy was really flipping out. Our tour manager just went nuts on him and said (in a foreign accent), 'you know, you are going on the road with the real f**king metal!!' The real metal! You do not appreciate this!' And from then on in, we kept going all the time 'real metal!, real metal!' So we ended up using that as a title for a song. And as cliche as that sounds, it's not really that way because it's about ourselves. And there's a really interesting thing we did. We used the titles of our albums in one of the verses as a rhyming scheme. And it blew us away, because we used the titles as a history of the band, and it was actually in the order of the way things transpired. 'From Hard 'n' Heavy to Pound For Pound, from Worth The Weight to Speed Of Sound', which was our two different eras! The first chapter, and then the second chapter. Just the way it worked, it was like 'holy shit!' that's what I mean. Magic happens, and sometimes the magic doesn't happen until the lyrics go on and you go 'look at that!?' Of course, the band has been around long enough that we can start writing about ourselves. We're legends in our own minds (laughs)."

Final word goes to the Great White North's own drum tornado Robb Reiner, one of the most rhythmically effortless percussive monster trucks in the biz. "All I can say is that it's similar to Speed Of Sound in some ways if that's possible. We've maybe slowed the tempo down in general. I'm very excited about it and I'm hoping that it is produced well (laughs). You know what I'm saying? You can get into a situation where you don't capture the vibe. Last time we did capture the vibe. We know what we want. We've done tons of pre-production so the record is really ready to be recorded. We have a great concept for it, with the title Plenty Of Power, and the album is exactly that. With the last album it was more about high energy, and with this one it's groovier, dirtier. I don't think anybody that likes Anvil will be disappointed."