ANTHRAX - "Our Hearts Go Out To Everyone."
Special Report from BW&BK

Due to recent events in New York City, JUDAS PRIEST have decided to postpone their U.S. tour with ANTHRAX and ICED EARTH until January. Anthrax Management added: "As the venues were all selected to accommodate this great double bill, Anthrax do not have the option of continuing the tour on their own. The band do plan on rescheduling a show in Chicago for early October in order to record their live album as they had planned. More details on that soon. On behalf of the band, I ask for your understanding as circumstances are clearly out of their control. Our thoughts are with all of the families involved in these tragic occurrences and we look forward to brighter days for us all."

Guitarist Scott Ian also added the following: "The decision came from the Judas Priest camp who are currently stuck in Mexico. Personally, on our end, we were hoping to go out and rock. Life goes on. We just wanted to go out and do what we do. These aforementioned events are far reaching and affect us all. Even a stupid rock tour has to suffer. We're gonna go home. Take a week off. We'll get back together in NY and continue working on the new record. We are still going to do the live record in Chicago. As soon as we've got the details we'll let you know. I can only hope that they find these humans responsible. And anyone they've ever been in contact with, and anyone that harbored them, anyone that made it possible for them to carry out their actions. Find them and cleanse the earth of their filth. My city has been raped. It's people murdered. Justice must be swift and uncompromising. Our hearts go out to everyone. The skyline will never be the same again. All I can say is my thoughts are with the families and friends of anyone caught in this senseless act of murder."

In more positive news, Anthrax has announced a new guitarist: Rob Caggiano (ex-BOILER ROOM). The band are currently working on new material due for release early next year through Beyond/BMG in North America and through Nuclear Blast in Europe.