MEGADETH - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying! Page 2
Special Report from BW&BK

"If there is anyway that we can rally our strengths, and we are a mighty community here, let's do something good while we can. If you live near the city (NYC) and can volunteer, I am asking that you do this. Whether it is give blood, or help clean up the rubble, or serve food and water to the public servants and emergency personnel who are working day and night. I want to thank all of the media who have kept us informed of the progress of our recovery, and the counselors who are suggesting how we can ease our trauma and also how we may want to talk to our children about this. I must also thank our neighbors in Canada for allowing us to divert all of our flights to Canadian airfields. We sometimes forget what great neighbors we have in the Great White North. I actually thanked the border officers yesterday myself; I doubt they took notice of my sincerity given the heightened sense of alert around the world right now. I would like to ask for you to join me in a generic prayer and cross a line that I have drawn about bringing up religion here. But there is a power greater than us all, whoever or whatever it is, and I would ask that it would forgive us all for our thoughts of vengeance and prejudice, and heal the loved ones of all the lost lives. Please let some form of peace come soon.' Mustaine prays, GOODBYE DROOGIES!"