QUEENSRYCHE - This Blood's For You!
Special Report From BW&BK

QUEENSRYCHE is sponsoring a community blood drive in its hometown of Seattle, WA, on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2001. The event coincides with the release that day of its new double live CD Live Evolution. A record release party will be held after the blood drive. The Queensryche Campaign community blood drive will take place at the Stadium Exhibition Center (South Royal Brougham and Occidental) in the Second Floor Conference Room between noon and 6 p.m. Band members - vocalist Geoff Tate, guitarist Michael Wilton, guitarist Kelly Gray, bass guitarist Eddie Jackson and drummer Scott Rockenfield - will attend and give blood donations themselves. Donations from the drive will be distributed both to Seattle area hospitals and rushed to New York City to help the survivors of the recent tragedy. Following the blood drive, the 'Live Evolution' record release/listening party will be held from 8pm to midnight at the Catwalk, located at 172 S. Washington St. in Seattle.

In addition to the Live Evolution CD, Queensryche's first live DVD will follow on October 9, 2001. Special features planned for the DVD include exclusive animation, bonus tracks and much more. The package will also be made available on VHS. The footage for this live home video was shot at the Moore Theater shows. For more info head to: http://www.queensryche.com.