ARCH ENEMY - Sin City! Page 2
from BW&BK

'Burning Angel' is based around a riff and melody that I came up with while visiting my parents one day... the melody just came to me suddenly and luckily there was a guitar around so I could work it out on the spot... Chris came up with the verse riff and there it was - some songs come together quickly like that! In the rehearsals we threw in a big solo spot for me, it's rather a long solo by our standards and I tried to keep it melodic and memorable. The lyrics deal with something that's been written about a lot in metal, witchburning in the dark ages, but I tried to write from the perspective of the woman being burnt and add a different flavour to it. Our new vocalist really went for it on this one in the studio and delivered some ripping vocals that really give the song another dimension. The sample gives you the verse, bridge and chorus.

'Ravenous' is one of the albums most intense and brutal songs, both musically and lyrically. This one goes for the throat and just won't let go! From the schizophrenic intro riff through the slaughtering double bass drum attack of the verse to the catchy chorus with some madman solos thrown in for good measure, this soundfile will give you the idea. It's a sick and twisted rollercoaster ride! It's probably going to be the first video off the album.

'The First Deadly Sin' is probably the song on the album that has the most obvious death metal roots and therefore sounds a little bit like something off our first album, fast and furious thrash/death is something that'll always be a part of the Arch Enemy sound! The sample here is coming out of the doomy midsection into the last verse and chorus." Michael Amott, Feb 27th 2001