Armored Saint: Made In . . . Italy? Page 3

So having been there, the parts of Armored Saint aren't going to act 21 all over again about this. Bush is not exactly out of Anthrax, and Joey is busy producing, as well as being an integral part of the acclaimed Engine project and Metal Blade's esteemed and prolific Fates Warning.

And just as much has been said in that direction, this idea that the band wants to keep this low-key. Does Joey agree? "There is some truth to that. You know, it's a popular question and it's very difficult to answer. People want to know where your loyalties lie. We do plan on touring for Armored Saint; we plan on doing pretty much whatever is necessary. It's not just that we made a studio record and told the label, ╬here, just put it on the shelf and see what happens.' It's all part of the whole picture. We have missed this band for the last eight years, so we're back in it now, and we're going to do things as if we were a band, which is everything all over again, touring, doing interviews, etc. It's a hard thing to answer. We have no intention at this point of dropping everything else in our lives and signing our names in blood for Armored Saint. You know, we've done that already, ten years ago, for ten years. Things are a little bit different now. Everybody has their own lives, things going on, but it doesn't mean that we can't still have the band and make great music. I mean, this is the record we should have made years ago."