SEBASTIAN BACH - Wind Him Up, Watch Him Go!
by Martin Popoff

I mean, who wouldn't want to see Baz receive terrorist-thwarting tips from TED NUGENT, in the privacy of Ted's own happy hunting grounds ("dead stuff everywhere," sez Baz), or watch Baz get a racing lesson from a typically beach bummed-out Vince Neil. Well, now you get can have those self-improvement tips and much more, on the guy's rockin' chaotic and instructional new DVD Sebastian Bach - Forever Wild.

Baz fills us in on what you get with this new package, after ordering, with a straight face, from a very perplexed but upscale waiter, a bagel with cream cheese and a hot bowl of bourbon (much guffawing ensued). "Well, it got the first ever DVD live versions out of 'I Remember You', '18 And Life', 'Monkey Business', 'Slave To The Grind' and 'Youth On Wild', and we also do some cover songs in this set. We do Jeff Buckley, 'Eternal Life', 'Parasite' by Kiss; 'Blasphemer' from my solo album is on there. And the DVD starts out with the video from the Last Hard Men's 'Sleep', which is the first time that's ever been released, with Joey Ramone introducing us. It's also got 'This Is The Moment' from Jekyll & Hyde, the live version I did with Paul Crook and Al Pitrelli from MEGADETH, and it's got a full discography of every album I've ever done, except for Maple Metal."

This last zinger is of course a reference to Baz's scrappy Canadian roots, something explored often and loudly on this short Canadian promo tour, on which the man also got to sing both the American and Canadian national anthems at a Jays game.

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