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by Martin Popoff

I asked Baz if the Forever Wild stuff is from the VH1 show, or if it was out-take material. "Some of it has been, some of it hasn't. The VINCE NEIL and the Ted Nugent, those were on TV. And the Bach Fu (laughs)... that's my SCTV influence coming out. He really punches me; that's the funny part. We were just doing this, like, right? And pow! That was funny; that was on TV. But Drea De Matteo from The Sopranos was not on TV because VH1 said the lighting was bad. And I'm like 'Dude, I don't think anybody is going to be looking at the lighting with her on the screen, OK?' It's like, she's good enough."

"I just paid some money," answers Bach, at whether getting the rights to include that material was complicated. "They were very kind. I mean, they could've said no. But what I really wanted to put on was a lot of the Jekyll & Hyde footage, from the actual show. That does exist, a B-reel that is used for promotion and stuff, and also the commercial that was on TV. That was outrageously expensive. So I couldn't get the rights to that. But we did 'This Is The Moment' by my solo band... believe it or not, heavy metal show tunes (laughs). Annie get your axe!"

Next up for Bach is a new solo album, this time to be recorded, thankfully, under no other name than Sebastian Bach. "Yes, just Sebastian Bach. I'm sick and tired of band names. That's it. It gets confusing to the marketplace. And in terms of direction, I don't analyze it. I just make as many songs as I can, and when I've got like 30 or something, I pick the best 12. I don't prejudge... although, in all actuality, I'll go to my grave trying to better Slave To The Grind. That's my favourite album from start to finish, that I ever did. But you know, if AC/DC can try that long, I'll give it my f**king damnedest (laughs)."

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