SEBASTIAN BACH - Wind Him Up, Watch Him Go! Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Any songs for sure that you know you'll put on the next album?

"Yeah, the last song on the DVD; it's called 'Always & Never The Same'; I might change that title, but that's going to be on there. And I've written about 15 songs with these dudes from Memphis, and this guy Adam Albright from the band Skinlab; he's from San Francisco. And that's a much heavier sound. And Ralph (Santolla, recently defected from ICED EARTH) tells me he's got unbelievable amounts of music, that he's been waiting years to find a singer for."

And the lyrics, will these be wisdoms from Baz's personal pen? "I don't know. So far I've done them all. I don't analyze that either. Whoever comes up with the best ideas. I can't work with people that decide that before a song's written; that's ridiculous to me. That's not the way it works. But it's tough for me to put my name on something I'm going to put out. Because I have to compete with my catalogue. You know, the way I decide if a song fits in, is, if I do it live, intermixed with my other songs, the crowd gets into it and it feels right. Then I know I have a good one. We went on tour with Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister last fall and we did like three weeks, and I did half brand-new, never-before-heard songs, and they mixed in great. And I'm lucky to have a record company that is really cool record company that supports me. I find myself very fortunate in that respect." This last bit was a tongue-in-cheek salvo formulated for Canadian Spitfire/Eagle Vision label honcho and Baz pal Dave MacMillan, who was with us for our chat. More guffaws ensue, with many more to come.

Inevitably, talk drifts to that old band Baz used to lead, SKID ROW, in particular, their new lead singer Johnny Solinger... "Who's that? Who? Wha... he plays restaurants. You know, one of his quotes is like 'Sebastian's a rock star, but I'm the singer of Skid Row.' You're the singer of Skid Row? I am f**king Skid Row. All right? It's like, chew on that (laughs). You're in Skid Row. I am f**king Skid Row."

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