BAD COMPANY - Classic Rock's Blues Bruisers On Tour
By Martin Popoff

One of the world's most beloved hard blues bands Bad Company is currently hitting the boards on tour with Billy Squier and Styx (see for itinerary). It is a heady, heavy evening of three kinds of classic rock, with Bad Company hitting the stage in the middle slot, which according to legendary vocalist Paul Rodgers, is just fine by him.

"Oh, the crowd reaction has been fantastic. Joe Stark is a young guitar player from down south, and he plays a kind of blues guitar and sings, and he opens the show and he's really good. Then Billy Squier goes on, and then we go on and then Styx. It's a great spot for us actually, because it's just as the sun is going down and the lights kick in. I time the song 'Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy' just as the lights kick in. And I do something that I lifted really from my solo tours. I played at The Cavern in Liverpool, and wanted to pay tribute to the Beatles in some way. So at the end of 'Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy', we do a kind of Beatles medley. And I kept that with the song somehow. It seems part of the 'Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy'. The other thing we're doing, I threw in a Free song because I felt it was a timely thing in that Simon (Kirke, original drummer) was in that band too, so we do 'All Right Now'. We've never ever done it before this tour."

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