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By Martin Popoff

The present package kicked off with an acoustic showdown at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame.

"Well, Styx are a fine bunch of guys," begins Rodgers. "I love Tommy Shaw and JY particularly, and Glenn, they're all great guys. Larry is a great personality. What we did when we kicked off the tour, we went to the Hall Of Fame, and David, who runs the place, we did a little acoustic show, with the two bands. And we sat on either side of the stage of him live, and they played acoustic versions of various songs and same with us. It was good actually. They would play a hit for instance of theirs, and I would think 'oh my God, how do we follow that?' And then we would do 'Feel Like Makin' Love', and then they would do a hit, back and forth, and it was great. And they talked about the British influence on their band through the years and we talked about the American influence on Bad Company, with the blues. So it was a really nice little piece."

Do you strap on a guitar for much of this Bad Company set?

"No, not for a great deal, no. I leave the guitar playing to Dave "Bucket" Colwell, who's been with the band a long time. I play acoustic guitar, harmonica, I play piano, and I just acquired a dobro, one of those silvery looking guitars. We're still working on the sound of that but it looks so cool (laughs)."

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