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By Martin Popoff

"In terms of the set list, I'm always aware that you walk the line. You want to do the crowd pleasers and it makes for a great atmosphere. I love when I go see someone and I'm familiar with their material. So there's 'Can't Get Enough Of Your Love', 'Bad Company', 'Feel Like Makin' Love', 'Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy'. We play for about an hour. It's short and hard (laughs). There's a new song from the anthology as well, 'Ain't It Good'. We do a version of that which I revamped for the stage and it's much more dynamic than on the record. I changed it up a bit. That's really a kicker right now."

Much else is in the works with the resurgence of interest in the band and indeed, classic rock in all its forms. "Well, we have a live album in the can from the '99 tour," notes Paul, "although things have moved on since then and I don't know if that's going to see the light of day. I'm not sure if we're recording the shows although it's a thought that maybe we will. Because we've got another three weeks out there right now. And there is also talk in the camp about a studio album. Mick (Ralphs, original guitarist) has been sending me some songs which are pretty good actually. So there's a lot in the air. But I think the focus right now is the tour, which by the way, we continue on with for nine dates on our own after we finish with Styx."

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