BAD COMPANY - Classic Rock's Blues Bruisers On Tour Page 4
By Martin Popoff

So yes, first there has to be songs. And Paul isn't waiting for Mick to come up with everything. "So far, the studio album is just talk. One of the reasons I wanted to do this Bad Company tour, is that it gives me a chance to concentrate on touring this year. I was touring in England with my solo band prior to this, and then Australia immediately prior to this. So I've done a lot of touring, even just this year. And I'm planning to come off and take August and September out and do some writing, which I'm furiously doing even between gigs and things, getting a lot of songs together, for whatever, you know? Even for its own sake, the Bad Company album or another solo album. And I'm going to England in September. The Prime Minister has asked me to come over and do a show for the Labor government (laughs). And I get to meet Tony Blair, which is kind of exciting. My mom is very pleased, you know. So I want to do a lot of writing. I'm going to disappear into the wilds of Canada with my lady and an acoustic guitar and work on some stuff."

And finally any inspiring tales from the rock 'n' roll road? "Something happens every night. Oh yeah, there was the time we were all on... we've got this big beautiful bus, kitchen in the back, TV, video all kinds of things. And we were all woken up in the middle of the night to somebody singing 'Bad Company, I can't deny' and it turned out it was Bucket reliving the set in his dreams (laughs). Another one was we played in L.A. actually, Universal City, and it was such a beautiful atmosphere and in the middle of one of the ballads, there was some confetti that had been used in a previous show some time during the week that had come loose from the ceiling and it had come trickling down through the spotlight, right in the middle of 'Ready For Love'. But anyway, I just held my hand out and it went 'plop', right into my hand. It was a beautiful moment (laughs)."