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BW&BK: Most prized Bonham collectibles and the stories behind them?
Banali: "A "Ching-Ring" which is a round metal tambourine like percussion instruments that is attached with a hi-hat clutch to your hi-hat stand above the hi-hat cymbals. This one was indeed one of John's, used by him and still is attached to a Rogers Drums Hi-Hat clutch which John preferred at the time over the Ludwig clutches because is was a little more heavy duty. This wonderful item was a gift from Todd Trent who is the Ludwig Drums Artists Representative and more importantly, a dear friend. He received the Ching-Ring as well as other items that belonged to John from his widow, Pat Bonham."

BW&BK: Ever see Bonham perform live? Where? When? Describe the experience...
Banali: "February 14 - 15, 1969 at Thee Image Club, North Miami Beach, Florida: John was using his maple Ludwig kit. The experience mentioned previously. July 8, 1969 at Pirates World, Dania, Florida: they started the set with the old YARDBIRDS standard 'Train Kept A Rolling' and went straight into 'I Can't Quit You' and John was again using his maple kit. April 10, 1970 at Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach: the sound was not particularly good at that venue, but they were great, of course, so was John. September 1, 1971 at Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, Florida: this venue was just one large concrete enormous venue, so the sound was not great and it was the loudest of the LZ shows I attended. June 25, 1972 at The Forum, Inglewood, California: I had really bad seats, enough said! May 5, 1973 in Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida: a friend of mine was one of the promoters for that event so I was actually on the side of the stage and it was such a great experience that is impossible to transfer to the written page. March 25, 1975 at The Forum, Inglewood, California: again, terrible seats, and I got kicked out by security when I tried to get close to the stage. The thing about John Bonham's performances was that even on the rare occasion when he was not to his usual flawless standard, he was so much better than anyone else."

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