FRANKIE BANALI - Remebering John Bonham Page 4
from BW&BK

BW&BK: What do you think Bonzo did for rock n' roll / metal?
Banali: "He had an uncanny sense of what to play and what not to play, his technique was better than he is given credit for, his feel, grooves and inventiveness was without equal. He set the standard for all other drummers to follow in what can truly be done as the backbone of a band, and no one before him or sense has done it equal or better than he did."

BW&BK: With the deluge of classic rock stations, Zep won't die. Even without radio, Zep wouldn't die. The point is, given the fact that radio is stuck in the '70s/'80s (or the nasty Jack format), one GOOD thing is, kids will find out about such talented legends cuz their isn't anything else on the radio. Comments?
Banali: "It's good in that this style of music, especially English based heavy blues style is now the positive alternative to a lot of nonsense that is played on the radio otherwise. In a way it's not much more different for younger musicians to go back and listen to great 70's music much like those bands did in listening to 20's, 30's, 40's American blues music."

BW&BK: Where would you be WITHOUT John Bonham?
Banali: "John Bonham is without a doubt a great influence on my drumming. I immediately related to John's drumming and style because I had already "discovered" the idea of using a large 26" bass drum for the tone that big band drummers got. My father listened to a lot of jazz and opera, so though the jazz I was exposed to the big drum sounds of Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich to name just two because the list is lengthy! But I was also listening to Ringo (THE BEATLES) and Charlie Watts (THE ROLLING STONES) to learn how to play songs, not drums, which is something that John Bonham's drumming would also later reinforce. I was also listening to JIMI HENDRIX's Mitch Mitchell and DEEP PURPLE's Ian Paice, as well as a lot of Ginger Baker of CREAM. Add to this my longtime musical love for all of the JAMES BROWN's drum grooves, things like 'I Got You', 'Get Up', 'I Got The Feeling', 'Mother Popcorn', 'Give It Up Turn It Loose', etc., all those things are part of my playing, my soul, my love of drumming. But, without John Bonham, there would be a certain aspect of my playing that would be less than it is. He left a considerable drumming void when he left us."