WILLIE BASSE - The Back Sheep of Real Estate Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"But with The Money Grind," continues Willie, back on topic, "I just do what I do, man, and it comes out heavy. I mean, I love... even though I am a bass player, I've got like 14 Marshall stacks (laughs). I've got a guy, Mike Morin who does my amps, and I've always tried to get a better sound, being a recording engineer, and always working with amps and trying to get the best sound. Before we used a Variac, and a Variac makes you have to play very loud to get that chunky chainsaw sound. And so I went to this new guy that I have who has done like Korn and Velvet Revolver, Stained, Sevendust, all your favorites bands, Linkin Park, and I said look, I've got to get this sound at low-level. And we developed that over the last 20 years, and he's still modding Marshalls right now."

Also in the works is a Thin Lizzy tribute CD, plus a reissue of Trouble In The Streets... "Oh, definitely, I'm going to remix that, get that out this year. And actually, we've got The Money Grind coming out in September in Europe, and it's going to go live on iTunes on May 27. So that will probably be out by the time this interview hits the streets. And then I'm going to go into my studio and remix Trouble In The Streets, with Paul Gilbert on it, which will be great, because we held back one track, and it goes into a detailed guitar solo by Paul. And I don't even think he plays like that anymore. He's incredible. Paul is great, man. He is a force to be reckoned with. What I like about Paul the most is that he just loved to play his guitar. And I guess that's like Mitch Perry, who I am using now. You know, these guys pick up their guitar and everything else goes out the window, and you can just feel it and you can see it. They are in that zone, and nothing can interrupt that zone once they've got that guitar in their hands. Paul used to do this thing where he would turn his amp off, he would just play the most incredible fast licks, because the amp was sounding like it was blowing up and going to explode as it is powering down. He would just shred every time he would turn his amp off. He would just start shredding and the amp would sound like it was going to explode (laughs)."

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