JOEY BELLADONNA - "How Can You Tell Them They're Wrong?"
by Martin Popoff

ANTHRAX legend Joey Belladonna... you gotta hand it to him. He's out there touring his solo band, bloody near relentless right now. And he's singing as good as ever, even drumming his damn show when he has to.

"Well, we've been touring since April 1 (yes, he's foolish!), like 52 dates, I think, and we're coming down to the end right now for the first leg. Mainly just covering the Anthrax, and some of the solo stuff I've done so far. We haven't really done anything new. Jack (Frost - guitar guru; definite BW&BK bud) came in towards the very end of the last part of the rehearsals we were doing before we came out. So he didn't really have enough time to properly learn everything, you know? By the time we hit the road, he had come to the point where... I don't know if he even had enough time to catch up. We made the change kind of late before we took off and did the tour. But as far as material and writing, I've got a whole bunch of material, but it's not with Jack. It's with some of the boys and some with other people, so I'll use those, re-record them. They're pretty good demos, but they're not really like properly finished."

OK, we talked awhile, and to paraphrase, you really get the feeling Joey's pretty frustrated with the vibe of doing music in upstate New York (home of ELF, THE RODS, MANOWAR, Ronnie...), revolving around the whole thing of who is able to record when, who can tour and who can't, and who's close by enough to record at his home studio. But back to the show... "It's just, it's an evening with me doing whatever I feel like doing, whether it's originals or a bit of both. Sometimes I just do the Anthrax, a couple originals, and then bang into the Anthrax stuff. It just depends. No covers, nothing like that."

Has the voice kept up?

"Oh yeah, stronger than ever. Ripping. I'm singing so much right now, and I'm singing way more than I ever did. We barely have a day off ever. We do like 17, 18 days, we're driving nine, ten, 11 hours overnight to get to shows. It's almost to the point where it's a little too stupid. It's almost overboard, for anybody. Like today, what a great thing we had - a 45 minute drive. It's like, 'Wait a minute; are we going the right way? Is something wrong here?' It felt great. But yeah, I'm doing really good."

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