BRITNY FOX - Fox On The Run
from BW&BK

Don't tell Michael Kelly Smith that Long Way To Live, the new Britny Fox album is a reunion. "We never intended on breaking up. After getting done with the Bite Down Hard tour, in '91, we'd lost support from the label. At that point, the record hadn't done anywhere near what everyone hoped, so we decided to take a break and see what happened. Never did we envision it would become an eight year layoff."

For the last two years, the pieces of the puzzle have been coming together, but Britny Fox never contemplate a reformation with original vocalist 'Dizzy' Dean Davidson, who dumped his bandmates prior to recording the second album.

"We were scheduled to do the Kiss, Hot In The Shade tour in the States," starts Smith, a bit of disgust still evident in his voice, nearly a decade later, "which got pushed back. In the interim, we lost the slot to Slaughter, whose first album did well, so we got bumped. We did our own headlining tour, drawing good crowds and when we got back from touring Europe, with Alice Cooper, Dean just up and left. As with anything, as time goes on, it doesn't seem as bad. Looking back, we're glad we got Tommy. I think we're a better band with him. We still hear from Dean, from time to time, and we wish him the best with whatever he's doing. Let bygones be bygones."

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