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from BW&BK

Smith's affinity for early English hard rockers is no surprise. His post-Britny band was dubbed Razmanaz (after a Nazareth tune) and the Foxes have covered Slade, Nazareth and Alex Harvey, amongst others. While tracks from all three grace the Japanese version of Long Way To Live, only 'Midnight Moses' appears on domestic copies.

"It was the last track on Bite Down Hard. The song just became a Britny Fox song. When we went out on tour, it caught on, for some reason. Since it became a live favorite, we had to include it. That's why it's the encore too. It always went over so well."

With Britny Fox being mentioned in conjunction with Poison, Tesla or Vince Neil's all-star cavalcade, Smith has little doubt he'll be back on tour soon.

"We'll probably do a few weeks on our own, prior to any package deal we hook up with."

Britny Fox have submitted live versions of 'Long Way To Love', 'Closer To Your Love' and 'Dream On' to VH1 for play on Rockshow. The band is asking fans to request the videos by sending an e-mail to or writing Rock Show, 1633 Broadway, 5th floor, New York NY 10019...