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by Martin Popoff

Consider the Che record, as Bjork says, more '70s-based stoner-type rock versus more specific doom rock that points to Sabbath. It's heavy, but it's clean, more power-chorded than the radical new Queens Of The Stone Age, a little psychedelic, cool and caveman-ish. Like Mountain, Bang, maybe even late Amboy Dukes.

But next up is something altogether more introspective, Bjork's next solo excursion. "I actually did a solo record for Man's Ruin a year and a half ago and I'll be doing another one next month and releasing it on my own label, which will be distributed through Man's Ruin, called Duna Records. And we plan on doing a Che record in the new year as well. It's really tough to juggle all the stuff with Fu Manchu's crazy schedule, but I wouldn't want to neglected Che and my solo stuff, because it's really important to me and we have a good time doing it. The solo albumÉ I'm not sure how familiar you are with my solo album. The new one is going to be the same but different. To be honest with you man, I never can tell you. I'm just going to go in there with my stuff and roll tape. I'm not in the studio long. I just kind of perform the tracks. But it will be along the same lines, groovy and nice and warm. There isn't any rock or anything radical, just pretty mellow. I'm usually skeptical in giving titles because my mind changes every day but I'm almost 95% sure that it's going to be called Palm Desert Airlines."

When do you think the Fu Manchu record will come out?

"Realistically, probably not until the middle or late summer, probably August. Style-wise, it's kind of early in the game. We don't have all the songs down yet, but we've got a good amount. We've done a couple that are really straightforward and standard for Fu Manchu, and there are a couple that are pretty far-out. It's Fu Manchu, it rocks and it's going to be big and hopefully it will move people."

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