Brant Bjork - Three Band Plan Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Do you find that people can't stop talking about Kyuss? Have people been trying to get you to put the band back together? "Oh yeah, we've had offers and there have been rumours. Especially in Europe. Every year you would go over, there would be rumours of Kyuss doing this and that. You know, I don't know, whatever. We're all doing our own thing now. I've been doing really well with Fu Manchu and obviously the Queens are doing really well. I don't think Kyuss would ever get back together."

What's been the coolest part of this whole trip, all these bands, all these collaborators? What part of the puzzle are you most proud of?

"Blues For The Red Sun was a special record. King Of The Road was a really fun record to make, and I really love the Che record. But I'll tell you, about four years ago, Nick Oliveri came out to the desert right before Josh started Queens Of The Stone Age, and he had some money and he was kind of down and out, and he wanted to record a record. So he got Josh and I back together and we got into the studio and that would have been the first time Josh and I played and recorded since I left Kyuss and it was definitely the first time Nick, Josh and I played together since Nick had left Kyuss, even before I had, and it was kind of an emotional, trippy, weird experience, and we recorded some of these songs that Nick had. I think there were only about two or three songs we played. And that recording has just been released as Mondo Generator. And I just got my copy the other day and I threw it on. I hadn't heard it since we did it, and man, it just blew me away."

"I mean, just going back, I was just a kid who loved music," reflects Bjork on the whole journey. "I mean, I went through my stages when I was into punk rock, and then heavy rock and acid rock and I did a lot of my homework and connected the dots with different artists and listened to all kinds of music. I've always had an open mind. I just wanted to be a musician and make a living creating music, and I've done that. And that's what I'm most proud of, just the whole thing. I've been involved in a lot of cool bands with good musicians and I can make a living at it. Of course I'm not rich or anything but that was never my goal anyway."