BLACKFOOT - Runnin' Again
by Martin Popoff

Southern rock's heaviest band is back in business, folks worldwide about to get a taste at just how tight and torrid this legendary classic rattlesnake rockin' band of brothers can be. Noticeably absent is - let's face facts - leader Rickey Medlocke, but Medlocke is capably replaced by another talented frontman (and actually alumnus of an earlier rendition of Blackfoot) in Bobby Barth, of Axe fame and infamy. The rest of the band is classic Blackfoot head to toe, consisting of drummer Jakson Spires, bassist Greg T. Walker and guitarist Charlie Hargrett. Their bios can be read at the brand new and highly professional

Touring will commence hard in April - and don't miss it. Says Greg Walker, on resurrecting the name for a blast right in the '00s: "Well, we went to federal court, and we all sat down, and the second day, we all decided that this was kind of crazy. You know, hell, we grew up together and have known each other all our lives, so we just reached an agreement where everybody was happy and that was pretty much all there was to it. Because the thing is, you got to remember, and I've been telling this a lot of people lately, there were four guys in this band, and it took all four to make it what it was. It was never all about one person, any one of us; it was about all of us. So that's really what it came down to. So we sat down and talked and said hey, let's do this, let's do that, and we said, OK."

Adds Bobby, "There was a period of time where we had to go through federal court, and basically there's a gag order on it. Suffice to say everybody walked away happy. Rickey's happy, we're happy, everybody's happy. It's a situation where the original guys went out and a built a trademark as well as Rickey. It gets into some pretty strange legal stuff, but basically everybody's happy at this point."

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