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by Martin Popoff

Bobby goes on to clarify his association with the band in the past. "I joined in 1984. I joined Blackfoot after Charlie had left and Ken Hensley had left. They wanted somebody who could sing and play a little bit of keyboards and play the guitar, to kind of cover those bases. So I joined and stayed with the band through the breakup and then I went on with Rickey and his solo projects for another year and a half."

But Bobby isn't on any of the records. "No, I had worked in the studio on both Vertical Smiles and Siogo, with Blackfoot, writing some tunes, vocal arrangements, arrangements, some guitar parts. I don't know if my guitar parts were ever captured or if Ricky had cut them. I was kind of there as a buddy more than anything. And I was with Rickey Medlocke up through the rehearsals and all the writing for up to After The Reign, but I left before the recording of After The Reign. I didn't feel like it was... I knew I wanted to leave and I didn't feel like it would be the right thing to do, to do the record and then leave right after that."

Does this reunion mean we'll see a new studio album some day as well? "Well, we're writing songs," points out Greg. "We've already put new songs in the set, and we're adding another brand new one this very next show, and we worked on some more just a couple weeks ago. We've actually got a lot of songs. We just don't have the time right now to really put them together, but we will, over the course of time. You know, at some point, we'd certainly love to. That was one of the first things, last year, when this whole thing came up, about trying to go back again, is how nice it would be, to go back out and play the old catalog, of course, but in addition, bring new music to the table. And I know the fans want that too, because I get asked that all the time. People sign these petitions and just general e-mails... we kind of have no choice, maybe, at one point. We really need to look into that."

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