BLACKFOOT - Runnin' Again Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Well, we went through the old catalog and came up with about 19 songs," laughs Greg, with respect to the set list folks'll be witnessing in April and May, "and we settled on... I'll try to remember all I can. We're doing Good Morning, Railroad Man, which is the very first song on the very first album, which is kind of cool, to go that far back. That was the first song ever that came out on vinyl, on the original No Reservations. We're doing a lot of the Strikes album; we're doing Line On You, Wishing Well, Train, Train, Highway Song, of course. We're doing a different version of Road Fever; it's not a full version, kind of a teaser almost. We're doing Every Man Should Know, On The Run, Fox Chase, Left Turn, a new song called Sunshine Again; those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. We're doing about 16 or 17 songs in the set total."

As mentioned, check out for a cool look at this gold- and platinum-heavy southern hard rock institution.