BLACKMORE'S NIGHT - Ablaze On Long Island
By Martin Popoff

"There are fans that actually follow us all over the world which is amazing. You can look out there and you can be in Austria or England or in America or Japan and you'll see that the first front row is the same faces. And what they have actually told me, which is a huge compliment for me and makes me feel so warm inside is that listening to Blackmore's Night's music has actually brought them together. They actually call themselves the Blackmore's Night Family. It doesn't matter where these people go in the world, they have friends and family that would put them up in their home or drive them and take care of them. And it's almost like a big family reunion coming to our shows. So we've given them a home, and that's amazing. I love that."

So begins bodice-and-blonde lead singer Candice Night of Blackmore's Night, the authentic renaissance music act that pairs her with soulmate and guitarist of some repute, one Mr. Ritchie Blackmore. The images are quite striking. The fans are urged to dress in period costume, matching the finery of the players. The venues are old European castles and churches. And swinging home (both a heartbeat and a world away from NYC), the minstrel gallery continues to play...

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