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By Martin Popoff

Were you a fan of Gordon Giltrap, John Renbourn, Steeleye Span, The Pentangle etc. in the '70s?

"I can't believe you know Gordon Giltrap. He's helped me a lot, putting this whole thing together from the perspective of... I think he's a brilliant guitar player and when I started playing the acoustic guitar, probably about eight years ago, when I was really getting into it, he was kind of my model that I was listening to. He seemed to be the guy who could play, in my mind, better than most. So I was getting a lot of tips from Gordon. In fact, I used a lot of the same guitar strings that he used. I get the same guitar strings from England that he manufactures, along with his friend. So Gordon was a big influence on me and I wish he had more acclaim than he does."

Three records deep, Blackmore's Night is proving themselves for real. And with regular recording and touring, Candice is becoming more confident in her role, along with The Man In Black, as co-focal point in Blackmore's Night.

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