BLACKMORE'S NIGHT - Ablaze On Long Island Page 6
By Martin Popoff

"I think every time I get on stage I learn something new," notes Candice upon reflection. "Again, the interesting thing about doing this project is that I never thought I would be the one front and center stage. I mean, I could see doing background vocals or writing lyrics but when Ritchie actually asked me to do lead vocals on this project I was completely overwhelmed because it's such an amazing request and honour of course that he thought I could carry it forth. The very first time on stage was in Tokyo in front of 5000 people. He just kind of threw me into the deep end of the pool in a way. Because I had never actually sung in front of a large group of people before unless it was friends or family at a party. So he flew me all the way to Japan and that's how we started this whole thing. So I think with the last few albums and doing the tours I've learned not to over-analyze what I'm doing. I used to just get out there and be shaking for the first five or six numbers because I was so nervous about what people were thinking. But just being there and seeing that everybody is there rooting for you and they're singing along with words that you've written and they want to go on the journey that you present them with, the path that your present to them... you really feel that you're out there with a group of friends, no matter where you are in the world, and it's an incredible feeling. So instead of putting fear first for me, I'm getting more comfortable with the situation. And that of course will add some confidence which is probably why my voice is getting stronger and stronger. So I guess it's just not to take fear so seriously."

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