BLACK 'N BLUE - Back in Blue
By Martin Popoff

Portland to L.A. transplants Black 'n Blue were a band somewhat out of time, plying and playing an ardent form of hair metal before such a thing existed in spades. Four major label albums ensued, solid to nearly great (Without Love) records that are now available through UK label Majestic Rock (see or email What's more, the band (less Tommy Thayer, who now plays Ace in Kiss - I can't believe I just said that!) are finishing up a new album called Hell Yeah!, which, as lead singer Jaime St. James explains, will satisfy forthrightly fans of the bands sound, fans that in the mid-'80s, would have numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

"Basically, it's a classic Black 'n Blue sound," says James, on the new record. "We're not trying to do anything modern; it's basically where we left off in '88 with our last studio record. We're just sounding like the way we sound. We're not trying to change it and naturally it's easy for us to do that. I mean, there are possibly a few influences because it's been quite a few years. Maybe you'll hear a few things along the way, but it's pretty straightforward Black 'n' Blue record so far."

And definitely no chance of Ace, er, Tommy, being on board?

"Pretty much not. We did a reunion show with Tommy a couple of months ago and that was pretty much it. I mean, he's on tour with Kiss. Tommy is always welcome but he's got a pretty busy schedule right now. He's all for it, he's behind us 100% and he's helped us out a bit with a few things here and there, with some writing things. He just can't be involved full-time. The record's coming out on Z Records, out of England, so that's for the European release, and we signed another deal for a South American release. And then America and Japan is pending; we have to get some stuff finished so we can let them hear what we're sounding like. In terms of songs, there's the title track called Hell Yeah!, Hail, Hail Rock 'n' Roll, Angry Son Of A Bitch. I'm hoping it will be done by the end of October and then for a release date, I don't know. I'm guessing by sometime in November."

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