BLACK 'N BLUE - Back in Blue Page 4
By Martin Popoff

"No, they were actually totally cool to us. But when we did that tour, they were still partying and doing drugs and drinking and stuff. At least Tyler was. But they were still in that mode. So they were a little out of whack for the first half of the tour. The second half was when they started to clean up and stuff. But it was a strange thing to see Steven Tyler fall off the stage or something. But they were very good to us. I have to say, we were never treated bad by any other band we've ever played with, as far as opening goes. The only one that ever treated us like crap was a guy named Alvin Lee who has been around forever. We were supposed to play at a club with him in St. Louis on our way to the Kiss tour. They told us to set up on the floor in front of the stage, and we said f**k you and left. So we never even played with him. But that's an interesting story in itself because there were a lot of Black 'n Blue fans lined up outside the club. And I don't know why they put us with this guy. We just said, we're not playing. But we walked down the road with these people who had bought tickets and after we signed all their stuff, we just kind of felt bad. And it turned out there was this kid who had a band and we said, 'Where do you rehearse?' 'Out of the basement.' We said, 'OK, get everybody together; we're going to go play our set in your basement.' And that's what we did. Took everybody out of the line and went to this kid's basement and played our entire set for them. And it's probably the coolest show we've done, man, the coolest one ever."