BLACK SABBATH - Fade To Black? Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Are you doing 'Bassically' (a bit of a Geezer bass solo) before 'N.I.B.'?

"No, because we start the show off with 'N.I.B.', and we did try it. Not this tour, but a few tours ago, like starting with 'N.I.B.', and putting the bass solo in, but then it was daft. While the curtains opened, there was me doing the bass solo (laughs). It just didn't go. So we just dive straight into the song now."

Any cool unscripted moments on Ozzfest, people coming up on stage and guesting perhaps?

"No, not really. Jimmy Page come along with us when we were flying in Europe, which is nice. No, nothing really. I mean (laughs), we've had enough problems with Ozzy's voice to fill the next ten Ozzfests."

Geezer also hinted at more solo work, or at least some other sort of project, to come from his camp, although it won't be a GZR album. Good-naturedly, he declined to say more, given that all this Ozzfest stuff has made him a little gun-shy of promising too much that might not happen. For more on Ohmwork and the GZR band, see or (note: both lead to the same site).