BLAZE - Metal Flows Toward The Path Of Least Resistance Page 4
By Martin Popoff

How so? What do you think you will do differently?

"I think we'll spend more time on the performance, and less time on the sounds. Because we had great sounds on the live album. So I think we'll worry a lot less about getting the sounds right in the first place, and worry about just getting a great performance from the whole band together."

What are some interesting things you saw Andy Sneap do as a producer that you maybe haven't seen before or that you just thought were impressive?

"Well, I spent less time singing than I used to. I spent less time in front of the microphone and I got a better performance. That's the main thing that he did; I think he really captured the vocals and got much closer to the sound I've always wanted. I spent less time singing on Tenth Dimension than I had on any other album and I feel I've gotten better results."

And how about a contrast of the two Iron Maiden albums you were on? Looking back a few years now, have your impressions of those albums changed?

"I think The X Factor is my favourite. I love both albums. They're very special because of the time we worked on them and the songs we wrote together. But I think The X Factor is my favourite just because we spent more time rehearsing, writing, living with the songs. On Virtual XI we didn't quite have so much time to spend on the writing as perhaps we would have liked. So I thought perhaps there were a couple of things that maybe got rushed. But you know, I really like both of the albums. But there are a couple of great songs on The X Factor; it's one of those that's a real grower. But I think we spent too long in the studio actually recording The X Factor. I felt it was too long and felt it lacked a little bit because of that. But the production on Virtual XI was a bit brighter, a bit easier to listen to because it was a bit more rough and ready; there wasn't so much time spent going round in circles and ending up the same places."