BLIND GUARDIAN - Feast Your Eyes!
by Martin Popoff

Blind Guardian are currently toiling away on the eagerly anticipated follow-up to their A Night At The Opera opus of more than two and a half years ago. But while you wait, there is, of course a massive DVD package called Imaginations Through The Looking Glass to inspire the epic metalhead in you.

A hobbling guitarist Marcus Siepen (skateboard accident) checks in on the DVD, as well as the next record, which he gets to first...

How's the leg doing?

"Much better," laughs Marcus. "I'm still not able to properly walk; I'm not supposed to put any pressure on the leg, but I got another x-ray last week and I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow and I hope I can start walking a little bit at least. I don't know. I'm going to hear tomorrow. The new album is in progress I would say; we started songwriting. It's a little too early to say what it's going to be like. It will for sure not be Night At The Opera part two, because that would be pretty boring for us and for the fans as well. We don't like to repeat ourselves. We like to get some fresh and new influences into the music, whatever those might be in the end (laughs). But we started. So far it's a pretty interesting mix between new and old Blind Guardian stuff, I would say.

Did having this time off your feet help you think more intensely about the band and what you want to do with it?

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