BLIND GUARDIAN - Feast Your Eyes! Page 5
by Martin Popoff

"And the amount of people that got killed got bigger every minute," continues Marcus. "This really sucked. It was a huge thing, some Olympic venue, ice stadium or whatever. And we're sitting there in the backstage room and the support band was playing, and after three or four songs everything was quiet. And we thought, oh, they didn't really play long. Are they finished or what's going on there? And one of our crew members went there to check it out and came back and said 'Well, the venue is empty.' And we said, 'What do you mean, it's empty? It can't be empty; there are 5000 people there.' And he said 'No, they're all out and the military is searching for a bomb. Somebody called the venue and said there's a bomb that's about to blow up in, I don't know, 30 minutes or whatever.' They cleared out the whole venue and just forgot about us. So we were sitting there (laughs), backstage, and it felt pretty shitty. Because, obviously, it's not a good feeling when somebody says there's a bomb in your concert and I'm going to kill you all. But, I mean, they searched the place and didn't find anything and we can finish the show. But it fell really strange."

So all the people were ushered back in?

"Yes. They cleaned the venue for about an hour, searched everything with dogs and specialists and whatever, and when they said OK, there is no bomb, they moved everybody back in, and we were supposed to start our show. Well (laughs), we didn't have much choice. We played that show and left as soon as possible, because it just felt really strange. But yeah, we were sitting there in the backstage, and just the fact that they forgot about telling us. The whole venue is empty. Just us stupid idiots were sitting there backstage and we had no idea what was going on. And some of the crew said, 'Let's cancel, let's get out of here, I don't want to stay here any longer,' and some of us thought the same. We had a long discussion going on back there. And before we came to the conclusion, they said, 'OK, there is no bomb, you can go on now.' But, I mean, it was really strange."