BLOODROCK - Stevie Hill Interview
by Martin Popoff

In recent years, iconic Texas hard rock pioneers Bloodrock have been all but forgotten. The guys usually don't conduct interviews, and the subsequent amount of information on the band - web or otherwise - is astonishingly minimal. Still, the band's catalogue, all of it essentially from the early '70s, enjoys a cult following, and it's easy to see why - the band could rock hard in a Deep Purple vein, with attendant good production from Grand Funk sven gali early on making the band's '69 self-titled debut an unsung classic.

Keyboardist for the band Stevie Hill has been stricken with leukemia, but he gracefully took the time and noticeable effort to talk to us. It's actually inspiring to see his work ethic, as he's really the only operational rocker of the Blood ranks, recently having issued a solo album called Avalanche In Reverse (see for purchasing details - given the absence of Bloodrock official-ness on the 'net, Stevie's site has become the impromptu gathering place of the faithful).

"Right, yeah, Ed Grundy (also Bloodrock from the beginning!) plays bass on most of it," begins Hill. "Bill Ham, the guitarist, Warren Ham's brother, he plays a lot of guitar on it. Let me think, oh yeah, are you familiar with Jeff Berlin? OK, he plays on a couple cuts on it also."

And this is not ZZ Top manager Bill Ham. "No, that happens to Bill probably about once a day (laughs). It doesn't happen to him in Fort Worth, because they're more familiar - in Fort Worth he's the real Bill Ham. No, I think that guy is still down in Houston."

And is this new album the pinnacle of creative self-actualization for you? Are you more proud of this record, or more pleased with what most would consider your legacy, the Bloodrock stuff? "I would say that as time goes on, I've become kind of more of a fan of Bloodrock (laughs). When I go back and listen to it, it sounds better than what I was remembering (laughs). But this album that I did, I feel very good because I got just these killer players on it, and it's sort of a new genre."

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